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Welcome, and thanks for visiting Gaming on Linux. This site is intended as a resource for people interested in playing online casino games, online poker or online bingo using computers with the Linux operating system. For players interested in gaming on Linux, including its popular distributions like Ubuntu, the choices may at first seem somewhat limited due to the overwhelming tendency of real money gaming sites to focus on players using Windows-based computers.

However, a number of online gaming software providers have games that can be played inside internet browsers using Flash or Java. This not only means that real money gaming on Linux is possible, it's much more widespread than it might first appear.

This site serves as a resource to gaming on Linux, providing information on the software providers that create real money casino, poker and bingo games, more details on those games, and other important details you may find useful before starting any real money gaming. We thank you again for stopping by, and hope that this site enhances your gaming experience.

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Limitations Gambling Using Linux as Your OS

The most popular best casino sites online, poker rooms and bingo sites require a software download in order for users to enjoy their full ranges of games and features. The problem for most people who use computers running Ubuntu or other versions of Linux is that the downloaded files are not usually compatible with those operating systems, as they are focused on Windows computers (and occasionally, for Mac users as well).

Since the downloaded clients aren't generally usable for gaming on Linux, users have to content themselves with the versions of games that can be played on any computer with an internet connection, also known as no download games. Some casinos and gaming sites offer nothing but no download games, while most prefer to offer them as an alternative to their download offerings. Linux users can thus experience a full range of gaming choices, though they may be limited by the amount of bandwidth they can access, since browser-based games depend on that factor more than games hosted on the player's computer.

Some Advantages of Playing Using Linux

Games can be accessed more quickly, as there is no need to wait for files to download before playing. Security is increased because the risk of viruses and malware is lessened without a download. Gaming can be done from any location with an active internet connection.

Users with older computers can play without worrying about their hardware specs, since no download games tend to require less processing power. No download gaming is protected by the same encryption and game security as download gaming, meaning it is just as safe. Players who already have accounts at download gaming sites can almost always use the same ones to play those sites' no download games. There's no waiting time for game updates since all of that work is done by the gaming companies' computers.

Some Disadvantages of Playing Using Linux

The responsiveness of no download games depends more on the speed of the player's internet connection, as most of the processing is done remotely. Players don't generally have access to the full range of gaming options available in download clients, including customizations in areas like graphics and sound. Game selection can be limited, as gaming companies often focus on rolling out download games first. Online poker players may find themselves without helpful statistical tracking, like the ability to review previous hand histories. No download casinos, poker rooms and bingo rooms don't always support as many deposit and withdrawal options, so Linux users may have to do more research on money transfer methods. Playing on Linux using browsers that are not up to date could lead to crashes or disconnections while gaming.

Optionally Downloading Windows Emulator and Playing

Some people interested in gaming on Linux may decide that they just can't live without the full download versions of popular top casinos, poker rooms or bingo rooms. Those players have an additional option, which is to download an emulator that will run the downloaded files even though they are intended for a Windows operating system.

An emulator is a program that simulates another operating system, essentially tricking the files into thinking Windows is running. This means that download casinos and gaming clients will run on a computer using Linux, as the emulator will perform the task of making the files compatible.

Emulators use up a lot of a computer's processing and memory resources and should only be installed by user who have the proper level of technical knowledge. They're not for everyone, but they can effectively serve as a workaround that gives Linux users access to the full world of real money gaming choices.