Making Withdrawals and Banking Options – Online Gambling Withdrawals

Once you've won some money at online gambling, it's only natural to wonder how you get your hands on those funds. Making withdrawals from online casinos and gaming sites can be a little trickier than making deposits, as there almost always are fewer options. Still, there are a variety of methods that varies from place to place, and there will always be at least one way to receive money from your online gambling accounts. The factors to keep in mind are identical to those for deposits: Speed, safety and ubiquitousness are chief among them.

Just like deposit options, withdrawal options are led by credit cards. For gambling sites that allow them, depositing by credit card usually makes that same card the preferred withdrawal channel. Funds simply return to the same card that was used for the deposit, as the information is already on file. The situation for ewallet services is much the same, with processors like Neteller and PayPal providing quick ways to get access to funds. The last option for most players, but one that is offered by almost every online gambling site in the world, is to receive withdrawn funds via physical check. This is obviously the slowest possible withdrawal method and one that is usually subject to high minimums, as the online casinos don't want to be in the business of mailing out thousands of tiny checks.

On the subject of transaction limits, most online gambling sites have rules on the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn in a given time (usually monthly). These constraints are waived for large single wins, like people who hit a progressive slots jackpot, so there's no need to worry in those situations. Before making any withdrawal for the first time from any online gambling site, an authorization form will need to be completed. Copies of several documents are required to complete the form, a necessary evil to make sure both the online casino and the player is protected from identity theft or fraud. There's also a processing time for every withdrawal method that should be clearly posted by the online casino. Fees could be imposed by either the gambling site or the bank or payment processor for any withdrawal, so it's important to read all of the fine print when comparing withdrawal options.