Live Online Gambling and Casino Type Games

Just because online gambling is done over a computer doesn't mean the human element has to be completely eliminated. Live online gambling sites stream video from tables with real human dealers in real time, providing much of the same experience of gaming in a physical casino but delivered over the internet. These live games don't require a software download, making them viable options for linux users or people who otherwise wouldn't be able to play online casino games. Some people also simply feel more comfortable if they can see the cards, chips and other gambling props instead of having everything reduced to a series of ones and zeros.

Live gaming tables are essentially hybrid models that combine some of the trappings of regular online gambling with real dealers on physical tables. Players place their bets and make their decisions through their computers, using interfaces that are similar to those found in online games decided by random number generators. The big difference is on the other side of the game, where human dealers deal the cards or spin the roulette wheel. The dealers can see the players' bets and options on monitors in front of them and interact by talking, Meanwhile, the players can see the results of the dealers actions via live streaming video and communicate using chat. Live casino games require a reliable broadband internet connection to handle the video streams but don't require a lot of processing power as the games are handled by the dealers, so they are a natural fit for no download casinos that offer the games within internet browser windows.

Live casino games are a relatively new development in the world of online gambling, but they are gaining popularity as internet speeds continue to increase over time. They are limited to games that are simple to deal and capture on camera, but include some of the most popular table games: Blackjack, baccarat, roulette and the table game version of Texas hold 'em poker. A dice game called sic bo takes the place of craps, which would be difficult to do in the live format. Casinos that offer live table games usually either have a physical casino or host standard online gambling games as well, though sites that offer nothing but live games are starting to pop up. Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Vuetec are a few of the companies providing the technology to make live online gambling a reality.