Top 10 Tips and Advice for Gambling Online

1. Always investigate the legality of gambling online in your location before starting to play for real money. Some countries do not permit it in any form, while others allow it with no restrictions. Others permit some forms of online gambling but ban others.

2. Research the online gambling site at which you wish to play before committing any real money. Be sure to check that the site is licensed and has good reputations online for safety, fairness and customer service.

3. Check to see where the games you most want to play are offered. If you are a blackjack fan, it makes sense to do your online gambling someplace where table games are a priority. The same goes for slots, online poker or any other type of real money gaming.

4. Look for the best bonus offers you can find. Bonuses shouldn't be your sole reason for playing at a particular online gambling site, but they can make the difference between two that otherwise seem pretty similar.

5. Have your computer's security software up to date. Reputable online gambling sites are free of viruses and malware, but it's still smart not to take any unnecessary risks.

6. Protect your personal information. Though modern gaming sites take their players' data personally, don't provide any information you aren't comfortable with giving.

7. Read up on deposit and withdrawal options. Some online gambling sites have more ways to transfer money than others. Ideally, you'd like to have multiple options for depositing money and at least one reliable way to access your funds if you hit it big.

8. Consider starting an ewallet. Credit card transfers are easy and accepted by many gambling sites online, but ewallet services like Neteller or PayPal can provide much of the same ease of use and even greater security.

9. Understand the rules of the games you are playing. This may seem like common sense, but you will find your money lasts longer and your online gambling experience will be more fun if you know exactly how to play and what's at stake before you start.

10. Gamble for fun, not because you expect to profit from it. Online casinos and gambling sites have winners just like physical casinos, but the odds are with the house. Gamble what you can afford and always remember it is a form of entertainment.