Roulette - Roulette as a No Download Online Casino Game

If there's a spinning wheel and a small ball rolling around in the other direction, we must be talking about roulette. It's one of the easier casino games to learn as only the betting decisions needs to be made by the player, with the dealer doing the rest of the work and the number the ball settles in deciding who gets paid and who loses. In online casinos, the roulette wheel and ball are virtual, but the full complement of betting options remain. Online roulette graphics tend toward realistic portrayals, making it a perfect addition to no download casinos.

Roulette players wager on a layout that features numbers between one and 36, along with either a single zero (in European games) or a zero and a double zero (in the American version). Bets can be made while the ball is in motion but have to be halted once it begins to slow down. In online casinos, players are simply prevented from placing bets after a certain time. Numbers can be wagered on individually or in groups of two or more on the inside of the layout, or in broad categories like the famous red or black on the perimeter. Winning bets are paid out at specific ratios ranging from 35:1 for hitting a single number bet to even money on a color bet. The online version of the game plays out in quicker fashion than its physical counterpart because players don't have to reach out and drop chips onto a table, and winning bets are paid instantly.

The no download take on roulette simplifies things even further by turning into a single player game. You will be the only one wagering on your particular virtual table, as opposed to full download games where multiple players could be playing on the same layout simultaneously. Roulette can also be found in live online casinos, where the table and layout are physical but the wagers are made electronically. Players view the game using streaming video and can communicate with the people running the wheel by chat, while the human dealers can talk back to the players. Live casino roulette doesn't need a download, and while it isn't as popular as live blackjack, it can be found at nearly every casino broadcasting live table games.