Video Poker - Video Poker as a No Download Casino Game

Video poker can be considered something of the best of both worlds of casino games. Like slot machines, video poker is easy and quick to play. And like blackjack, it requires some decision making by the player and gives off a vibe that some skill is necessary for optimal play. It's been an enduring hit in physical casinos and just as important to online gambling sites. It's also a very adaptable game, which has led to an ever expanding number of variations on the simple five card draw mechanic that was its original claim to fame.

As mentioned above, knowledge of five card poker hands is the most important thing to learn in order to play video poker. In its most basic form, the player receives five cards and has to decide which ones to keep and which ones to discard. Any discarded cards are replaced by new ones, with the goal being to make the best possible hand according to the ranking hierarchy of poker hands. A minimum hand is needed to win the wager – for example, a pair of jacks on a Jacks or Better machine – with increasingly large payouts for better hands. Video poker games can also have any number of twists, like wild cards or bonus rounds similar to slot machines. It's not uncommon for online gambling sites to feature many different types of video poker, though they all stem from the same fundamentals of poker. Video poker results are determined by a random number generator set to simulate dealing from an actual deck of cards.

The simple game mechanics and lack of a need for intricate visuals make video poker well suited for no download casinos, where it can be played instantly within an internet browser. Many online casinos provide video poker games in both download and no download form, with a smaller selection of games usually the only difference between the two. Video poker trails slots in terms of popularity as a no download game, though there are some online casinos that have made the game their primary focus. Most online gambling software companies provide video poker games of some type.