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Unique among the world of online gambling software providers, WMS Gaming is a relatively new name that still has a rich heritage in gaming. That's because it is an offshoot of WMS Industries, which itself is the descendant of Williams Electronics, a noted manufacturer of pinball machines, video games and slot machines during the second half of the 20th Century. WMS Gaming is looking to take the vast amount of experience it has as a supplier of popular physical slots and applying what its learned to the field of online real money gaming.

That legacy has manifested itself in extremely successful lines of slots like Jackpot Party, which can be found in nearly any reputable brick and mortar casino. The company also has a very strong array of deals that give it permission to make games based on recognizable IPs, including “The Wizard of Oz,” “I Love Lucy” and “Star Trek.” Many of these games have large followings of loyal players who enjoy the physical machines, and WMS Gaming hopes to tap into that loyalty by bringing those same games to online casinos. That synergy can be seen in the company's first online venture, Jackpot Party Casino.

The other area WMS Gaming is looking to expand upon is the development of game mechanics that appeal to a younger demographic. The company has been a pioneer in coming up with ways to make slot machines more like video games and other forms of interactive entertainment, serving to lure in younger players who wouldn't normally be interested in slots. In the same vein, WMS should also be a force in mobile gaming, another area it is extremely interested in. It remains to be seen how all of these factors will come together in the company's no download casino games, but all of the ingredients are in place for WMS Gaming to become a major player.

Online casinos that offer WMS Gaming no download casino games include:

* Jackpot Party Casino