Elementor #7

Welcome to GamingOnLinux.info. This aim of this website is to provide an as complete as possible database of games available for the most gamer-friendly desktop Linux distributions, mainly Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives including SteamOS. Only native games will be listed here initially, but our long-term aim is to also provide helpful resources for running other games using e.g. Wine or PlayOnLinux.

Please note that the site is very much still in BETA. Everything works, but a lot of game info is still missing.


Real-time and turn-based strategy games that are more graphically sophisticated than a classic board game.


RPG is short for role-playing games involving character creation/progression – usually in a fantasy or sci-fi setting.


Action-type games such as FPS and other shooters, and other games that don't fit in other categories.


Point-and-click and other adventure-themed games, usually with simple gameplay and linear progression.


Puzzle games, card games, board games and everything else that you can easily just pick up and play.


Everything from racing sims such as F1 and rally, to arcade and futuristic racers.


All forms of simulation that don't fit in other categories, not including racing games.


Any typical sports game that may be based on an actual sport or fantasy sport.


Software for playing primarily console games on your Linux machine.


Games that don't quite fit into any of the other categories are placed in this one.