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16 Excellent Free Games That Run Well on Linux

It’s still a bit harder to get games running on Linux, but the gaming landscape has significantly improved over the years. Thanks to Proton/Wine and not least a growing number of developers recognizing the platform’s potential, there’s been an influx of high-quality games that run smoothly on Linux. With this list, I will touch on…

By admin March 5, 2024 0

14 Games Like Myst for Linux Gamers

Myst is an iconic adventure puzzle game that was initially released in 1993. Its immersive storytelling, beautiful graphics, and complex, intricate puzzles set it apart from other games of its time, quickly cementing it as a classic in the genre. As a player in Myst, you are transported to an eerily deserted island where you…

By admin November 19, 2023 0

Linux Gaming with Proton

The rise of Proton has revolutionized the landscape for Linux gamers. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Proton, its role in Linux gaming, and how you can maximize your gaming experience on Linux. What is Proton? Proton is an open-source compatibility layer developed by Valve, the company behind the popular…

By admin June 2, 2023 0