Linux Game Publishing returns in an archived form

February 2, 2020 0 By admin

Linux Game Publishing was originally an initiative dedicated to porting and publishing Linux games on the market, something that was exceedingly rare around the start of the new millennium.

The team, which appeared after former Linux porter Loki Entertainment shut down, was responsible for titles including:

  • Ballistics
  • Cold War
  • Mindrover: The Europa Project
  • Sacred: Gold Edition
  • Majesty: Gold Edition
  • Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom
  • Shadowgrounds & Shadowgrounds Survivor
  • X2 & X3

LGP ran into some significant issues along the way. In 2010, a failed hard drive took out their entire production and it took several months for the team to recover. The CEO stepped down and was replaced in 2012 after which LGP attempted to sell its ported Linux games in other stores. This was not enough to keep the company going and it appears that the project was subsequently canceled.

Now, Linux Game Publishing is once again available on the web in the form of an archived version of the team’s original website.

Earlier in 2020, Linux Game Publishing’s website appeared online again with the message:

LGP website archived.
The Linux Game Publishing website archive has been published. We thank you for your support.

Some of the games originally ported by LGP have later popped up and disappeared at other vendors including the indie store Desura, but now the games are once again available for purchase straight from the archived version of the website.